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Ready to Tell Your Story and Elevate Your Visibility & Credibility?

When the microphone is on and your image is on the line, you can't wing it when you only have minutes.

Discover the storytelling approach to speaking opportunities and media interviews that makes your message memorable.

Nicole Dubé sitting on office desk

It’s Time to Unleash Your Story. Let DUBÉ MEDIA Help You Present It To The World

You have a big presentation to give. 

You're an invited speaker at an important event.


Your organization is ready to land media interviews.


You have a business and expertise, and you want to share it with a bigger audience. 


No matter where you're at, are you ready to nail your key messages? 

DUBÉ MEDIA specializes in media training and bringing out the best in you and your communication style. 

You'll attract more opportunities, ace your appearances, and be invited back for more. 

But with your likability, trustworthiness, and authority on the line, you can't afford not to train like a pro.


And here's the truth about the best speakers out there: They learned how to be the best.


So can you.

Ready to powerfully deliver your message?

Nicole Dubé standing by office door

The DUBÉ MEDIA Approach

DUBÉ MEDIA doesn't do the old pitch-it-and-forget-it routine. Instead, DUBÉ MEDIA offers a holistic media approach with a focus on impactful messaging, compelling storytelling, and captivating presentation - all geared towards conveying your message powerfully and effectively.

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In the world of journalism, nailing the interview is vital. With broadcast news stories averaging 1.5 minutes, there's no room for ambiguity in your answers.

That's why DUBÉ MEDIA is here to help you master the art of clear and concise messaging, so you can showcase the best possible version of yourself and articulate your value with clarity and confidence.


Media outlets aren't searching for a dull narrative, but rather one gripping enough to seize their audience's attention. The same can be said for events looking for keynote speakers. We'll discover the alluring angles that are yours alone, in order to create compelling stories. That's how you continue to capture the attention of the media and land on stages again and again.


Live television, podcasts, media interviews, important presentations over video or in person offer no room for redos, especially when time and money are on the line. We've all seen people fumble, delving into dull conversations that lose our attention. But with the right skills, you can exude confidence, magnetism, and inspire audiences.

Speaker | Emcee

If you're seeking a speaker or emcee to infuse your next event with energy, entertainment, and audience engagement, your search ends here! As a sought-after speaker, emcee, and panel host with decades of experience as a network news broadcaster and morning show host, I’ve mastered the art of captivating an audience.


From Interviewing Thousands of Newsmakers to Helping You Tell Your Story

As a national reporter, network news anchor, and recent host of a live three-hour television morning show, I’ve been a familiar face in Canadian news. 

From print to radio and television, my storytelling has earned multiple Radio Television and Digital News Awards (RTDNA) nominations.

For 20 years I pitched my own story ideas to editors and producers.


It was a fulfilling career but now my mission in life is to meet people like you – directly at their passion – and guide them to tell their story, engage their audience, and become a trusted authority.

Nicole Dubé with a cup of coffee


Nicole Dubé on set of CTV




Unlock Your Story, Gain Exposure, Nail Interviews

The comprehensive DUBÉ MEDIA TRAINING program teaches you how to tell the story, navigate the media landscape, and prepare for interviews. Through our interactive sessions, you'll learn how to craft effective messages, handle tough questions, and present yourself in the most positive light. We'll also cover strategies for engaging with journalists and establishing symbiotic relationships with media contacts. 


You’ll leave this program confident in your ability to control your image, engage with the media, and grow your brand through meaningful media opportunities.

Nicole Dubé recording a podcast
Nicole Dubé recording a reel


Get the tools and support you need to become your own PR agency.

Take control of your brand awareness and reputation by bringing a PR strategy in-house. 


An intensive media coaching program giving you the tools and support to make you a sought-after media superstar. 


You'll work closely with Nicole to develop custom messages, craft strategic media pitches, and nail interviews. 


DUBÉ MEDIA will serve as your reliable support team, providing guidance and feedback, and aiding you through your journey of media and message mastery.


Nail your next public appearance!

For business owners and professionals who need a strategy to go BIG at their next presentation, podcast episode, training, speaking engagement or event… 

There are no redos when speaking to a live audience.


This consultation helps improve your public speaking skills, craft key messages and master an effective presentation.

From emcee training and speaker preparation to corporate communication consulting, you'll be ready to engage with your audience in a more impactful way.  


You’ll have a clear strategy that will show you exactly how to leave a lasting impression.

Nicole Dubé speaking
Nicole Dubé in the office


Bring Energy & Expertise to Your Next Event

If you're seeking a speaker or emcee to infuse your next event with energy, entertainment, and audience engagement, your search ends here! 


As a sought-after speaker, emcee, and panel host with decades of experience as a network news broadcaster and morning show host, I’ve mastered the art of captivating an audience.


So, let’s make your next engagement a sellout for years to come.

It’s Time to Stop Flying Under the Radar.
You're a Leader With a Purpose in this World.

You've made great strides and done some amazing things with your work, and it’s only natural you want to reach more people.

It's now time for media exposure. It's time to get in front of an audience and share your story… 


But, do you understand how the media works? ​


Here's what I want you to know:




I will help you pitch yourself with confidence and convey your key talking points effectively. 

You can learn how to do your own PR. GUARANTEED.


But you can't wing it.


If you're ready to see how interviews and public speaking opportunities can unlock unlimited potential for your business, I’m here to show you the way.

Nicole Dubé walking up office stairs
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